Not All Practice Areas Are Created EqualFirm Numbers has bookkeeping & financial management experience with every law firm practice area.Family LawEmotions are high, clients are draining & knowing your numbers will allow you to confidently make a decision to accept, retain or terminate that A, C or F Client.Estate PlanningFocus on helping your clients protect their family’s future & we’ll make sure you are in control of your family’s future by running the firm by the numbers. Personal InjuryDemands going out & Settlements getting signed. Until then the firm works for free. Run your firm using the PI Pipeline developed from years of PI experience. ImmigrationYour primary goal must be navigating complex immigration laws while managing client & family expectations. We will help you understand the profitability at any point of the process. Criminal DefenseYour defense needs to be airtight on your client’s day in court. We will give you the tools to understand the profitability of each case before the big day, so you focus on the case, not the finances.

How does Firm Numbers help your law firm get paid?

Billable Hour Firms
Flat Fee Firms
Contingency Fee Firms
Billable Hour Firms

Owners of billable hour firms must hold their legal team accountable to their billed & collected goal everyday.

Flat Fee Firms
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Contingency Fee Firms
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How do you get paid?

Firm Numbers understands the nuances between the billable hour, flat fee and contingency law firms. The Operations Team has firsthand knowledge of the different timelines for a Family Law case, an Estate Planning matter, a Personal Injury case or an Immigration matter, so depending on how the firm works a case, our Bookkeepers have been trained to have the needed information up to date and at your fingertips throughout the month.

Successful law firms become successful and stay successful by knowing where they’ve been, where they stand now and where they need to be for continued success. Making this assessment cannot be done without managing the law firm with a forward looking Budget Variance Report, reviewing your Profit and Loss for trends, understanding the overall health of the law firm with the Balance Sheet, staying ahead of your expenses with your Accounts Payable Report, collecting what is owed to you from your Aging Accounts Receivable Report and having confident control of your Weekly Cash Flow Forecast.

The Firm Numbers Team has a combined 40 years of firsthand experience working with the following law firm practice areas. For a majority of those 40 years, they’ve served as Law Firm CFOs, Law Firm Controllers and Law Firm Administrators, but they’ve also worked even deeper in the trenches by cutting their teeth as law Firm Receptionists, Legal Assistants, Paralegals, Executive Assistants, Law Firm Bookkeepers and any combination or variation of all of those positions at any given time. The size of the firms varies just as much as the positions held with headcounts from 2 to 400 and revenues ranging from $100k to $125MM from working out of the attorneys house to having multiple office locations across the country.

Needless to say, we know what happens behind the scenes of a law firm and the nuances of each of the following practice areas:

If you don’t see your practice area listed above, please reach out to our Onboarding Specialist at 704.709.5757 or and we’ll do a Practice Area Assessment to set-up a bookkeeping plan for your firm.